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Varanasi & Buddhist Circuit

Varanasi is a very famous city in India. It is a centre of the Hindu religion. Varanasi is also known as Banaras and kashi. It is a bank on the river Ganga. Varanasi is based on the Hindu religions. Most of the people who lived in India or out of India come here to visit.
Gautama Buddha Come here to first sermon at Sarnath located near Varanasi. So Varanasi city is the holly city in India. It is oldest living city in the earth.
There is eighty four Ghats of Ganga. In all the Ghats Dasha Shumed Ghats, Assi Ghats, and Rajghat is the famous Ghat in the Varanasi.

Why Varanasi is the Buddhist Circuit and a travelling places

Varanasi is the famous Buddhist circuit. In Varanasi there are many wonderful places to visit in. There are many of the visitors in india or out of india comes in the varanasi to visit the famous varanasi temples. Some of the famous visitors temples and places in Varanasi is given bellow.
1.New Vishwanath Temple :- New Vishwanath mandir is the famous places to visit in varanasi. Many of the tourist come here to visit new Vishwanath Temple. New viswanath temple is located in the Banaras hindu university. In short we say it BHU. It is a new temple of kasi viswanath. Most of the forgner come here to visit the varanasi temples.
2.Golden Vishwanath Temple :- It is a very oldest temple of varanasi. It totaly made by gold. Our Encient History are Join to the Golden Vishwanath Temple. It is the famous temple of the Lord Shankar.
3.Tulsi manas Temple :-Tulasi manash temple is the famous places to visit in varanasi. This Temple is related to sant Tulasi dash. Tulasi Dash Warship here of the many years. He had written the Ramcharit Manash Granth. Childhood name of Tulasi dash is Rambola.
4.Durga kunda Temple or Monkey temple :- Durga kunda Temple is also known as Monkey Temple. It is located near banaras hindu university (BHU) in Varanasi. Durga kunda is also a very famous temple in varanasi.
5.Dashaswamedh Ghat :- Dasha sumedh ghat is the very holly ghats. In any Indian Festival like makar sankranti, Gangadashahara, Bhimshen Ekadashi, and other holly festival many of the indian tourist and out of the indian tourist come here to visit. It is also near the Golden Vishwanath temple.
6.Assi Ghat :- It is also a famous places to visit. It is just like a Dashaswamedh Ghat.It is near the lanka and Banarash hindu university.
7.Manikarnika Ghat :- Manikarnika Ghat is also a famous ghat. After death people come here for his last activity of life. The Histry of civilization says that, who come here after death. They Become free for his life-circle.
8.Ramnagar Fort :- Ramnagar Fort is the famous fort of Varanasi. Also It is the best tourist places to visit in varanasi.
9.Sarnath :- Sarnath is the famous turist places to visit in varanasi. Sarnath is the famous Varanasi Temple. Sarnath is the famous places because of the lord buddha.

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