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exclusice tour of varanasi

Sapta Sindhu Tour Details Overview

DAY 1 : Arrival at Varanasi, Sarnath Tour

On you arrival at the Varanasi airport, you will met by our representatives. They will receive you and escort you to the hotel, where you will check-in to the hotel, freshen up a bit and rest for sometime.In afternoon, you will visit for Sarnath tour. You will enjoy spice and craft walk. And in evening, You will enjoy Tabla and Dance Performance and you will see a glimpse of Indian Culture.

DAY 2 : Morning Boat, Temple Tour and Bazra

Boat Riding: In the morning, You will enjoy boat riding. and return to hotel for breakfast. after that you will visit for different temple tour. which is mentioned below...

Bada Ganesh : Bada Ganesh temple is located in Lohatia. The removes ill effects paap Karma (Sins) committed by devotee and bestow upon them overall happiness. This vinaya is also know as Bara Ganesh. The temple is a stand temple and widely workshipped.

MritunjayMahadev Temple : MritunjayMahadev Temple in Varanasi is the very famous and glorious temple. This temple is the holy place of worship and belongs to the Lord Mahadev (Known as Lord Shiva by polgrims). The history of this temple is all behind an ancient well and "The Shivling". The meaning of the word MirtunjayMahadev is "The God who triumphs over of death". It is considered as, the Shivling in this temple keep away all the devotees in order to get unnatural death. Lord Shiva is worshiped as MrityunjayMahadev by devotees in order to get triumph over his unnatural death. People from all over India come here and perform "Mrityunjay Path" to get rid of their problems. In the campus of the temple there is an ancient well (also known as koop). The water of this well has therapeutic effect on human being. It is considered as it has mixture of several underground water streams and has miraculous effect for curing numerous diseases.

Kaal-Bhairav Temple : Kaal-Bhairav is believed to be the (Kotwal) of Satipind. I BhairavMandir is one of the oldest Shiva temples in Varanasi, India. Situated in Bharonath, Vishweshwarganj (Varanasi), this temple has great historical and culture importance in Hinduism; especially amongst the locals. The temple is dedicated to one of the fiercest forms of Lord Shiva and wears a garland of skulls and carries a club of peacock fearhers. The word "Kaal" means both "death" and "fate". It is believed that even death is afraid of "KaalBhairava". The vahana (vehicle) of Lord Bhairav is the dog. Housed in the inner sanctum of the temple is a silver faced idol of KalBhairav who is seated on a dog and is holding a trident. Only the face decorated (with garlands) of the idol is visible to the visitors through the doorway. Rest of the idol is covered with a piece of cloth. On the rear door of the temple, there is a statue of KshetrapalBhairav.

Evening Exclusice: You will get Bazra Experience with Experts in evening. after that you will go to hotel for Dinner.

DAY 3 : Departure

In the morning after breakfast, you will reach for your airport | railway station for departure.

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